Petron Design wants to be your partner in creating the ideal living area or workspace. Tell us your interior design visions, and we’ll make them come true. The process starts with a complete analysis of your needs, followed by custom space planning. To achieve the look you want and to make sure it lasts, we also include green design in your project.

Quality from Registered and Licensed Designers

Our designers are State of Florida licensed by the Board of Architecture and Interior Design. All designs submitted are required to meet applicable building codes and are ADA compliant. Our designers are also certified by NCIDQ which requires years of experience and testing. The firm is licensed and insured.

Beautiful and Sustainable

Green manufacturing to us means creating designs that endure, both structurally and artistically. Designs that last for generations without harming either the environment or the people who make or use them. Our work in green design is done using domestically grown solid wood that is logged following sustainable forestry guidelines. Whenever possible, our manufacturing waste products are recycled or repurposed.


Turning Your Vision into Reality

Create a signature look for your residential or commercial interior with design and decorating assistance from us. We start by offering a complete analysis of your needs. To help us fulfill your requests, we coordinate all the necessary professional and service industry trades, including architectural, general contractors, and specialized installers. Additionally, we streamline the design and decorating process with total project management, budget control, and complete supervision of all details. 

  • Window Treatments
    ◊ Hard Window Treatments—Blinds and Shutters
    ◊ Soft Window Treatments–Drapes and Privacy
  • Finishes
    ◊ Flooring
    ◊ Carpets
    ◊ Tiles
    ◊ Area Rugs
  • Lighting, Audio and Video Equipment
  • Furniture Layouts and Renderings
    ◊ Furnishings
    ◊ Cabinets and Built-ins
  • Wall Treatments
    ◊ Paint
    ◊ Wallpaper
    ◊ Faux Painting
  • Space Planning
  • Tile Design and Work
  • Accessories
    ◊ Artwork
    ◊ Plants—Real and Silk
  • Renderings
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bath Design
  • Wine Cellars
  • Working Drawings
  • Renovations